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Feb 23, - You've likely seen them on trails or bike paths: Equipped with wide tires, between 4" and 5", fat bikes certainly make an impression.

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What is the appeal? From improved traction on dirt to flotation when riding through snow, the obese tires let a bike roll where it has not rolled before.

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Another distinction: You can ride with significantly lower tire pressure. Today there are a number of fat bikes on the market from a variety of boutique brands. Even some of the big names in the biz are rounding out their lineups with them. But how did we end up with such an epidemic?

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Which came first, the fat bike or the mountain bike? But most vikes put the birth of contemporary fat bikes in Alaska during the early 90s. Who actually developed the bikes varies with the source, but Mark Gronewald is often credited.

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Reportedly, he invented the first fatties to gain a competitive edge in ultra-sport races, such as the mile Iditarod Trail Invitational.

If you've had the occasion to hold a spoke that was removed from a wheel, you've probably noticed how flimsy it is.

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You could bend one in half without too much effort. However, if you tried to pull one apart you would not be able to.

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Advantaages "pulling" of the spokes toward the center of the hub is what gives the bicycle wheel its strength. Bicycle maker Paolo Salvagione discusses how bicycle wheels get their strength.

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So just how strong are bicycle wheels? Pneumatic Tires. The pneumatic or air-filled rubber tire is something pcs10 take for granted today.

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Almost every type of bicycle wheel has a pneumatic tire on its rim. How well your bike rolls through the sand or snow relates directly to your PSI. And finding the perfect PSI is all about experimentation.

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But with fat bikes, advatnages be experimenting at the low end of what's possible, contributing to that awesome floating feeling. For snow, he suggests, the general range is between 5 to 8psi.

Wider tires in less packed conditions generally run to the low end.

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For general trail use, riders run between 8 to 12psi. Too low and or too high, and the ride gets bouncy," he says. If you don't put enough air in your regular tires, you risk getting a flat.

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Here's how to fix one bike payment calculator two minutes or less: Sponsored bikepacker Hire Cruz almost always picks fat bikes for touring adventures.

In a post advantages of fat tire bikes his blog Pedaling in PlaceCruz expounds further in a total devotional to wide tires:

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News:Read more about the benefits of going tubeless. Save some Fat bikes, which can be used for all-season trail riding, have tire widths of " to 5" or more.

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