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glossary of common cycling terms or words used by cyclists. dictionary of bicycle A rider who specializes in riding uphill quickly, usually due to having a high . bicycle fit technology that made the assumption a “formula” could determine how.

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Marks of road rash on a cyclist's body. Also diegk store bicycle or abbreviated as BSO, a cheaply produced but poor quality bicycle commonly hi tech bike san diego in flat packs at big-box stores, mainstream stores and anywhere else but local bike shops. A bike throw occurs in the final moments of a bike race, giant roam within the last few feet. Riders of one team who set a relatively slow tempo choose bicycle the front of a group to control the speed, often to the advantage of one of their teammates who hi tech bike san diego be in a break.

A rider who has gone into oxygen debt and loses the ability to maintain pace is said to have blown up, variations include popping, exploding and detonating.

Fabric shoe covers worn by cyclists to protect their feet from rain. The ji assembly which allows the crank to rotate relative to the frame.

Breakaway, or break in short, is when a small group of riders or an individual have successfully opened a gap ahead of the peloton. A breakaway specialist is a rider who is specialized in attacking the race from the start in order giant hybrid bicycles show off his sponsor and to try his luck in winning the stage without having to fight with the whole peloton at the finish line. A rider who is a slow dego but an efficient descender.

When a lone rider or smaller group of riders closes the space between them and the rider or group in front of them. A support vehicle following a group of cyclists in a race, tour or recreational ride that may carry equipment, food, rider luggage, or mechanics. The riders arrive near the finish in massive numbers to contest the victory and attempt to draft their sprinters in a good position to claim the victory.

hi tech bike san diego

Brett W. Peterson is the Director of High Tech High Mesa. Before coming to San Diego, Brett earned a B.A. in History from the University of Notre Dame (Go.

The rate at which a cyclist pedals in revolutions per minute. The team cars following behind the peloton in support of their racers. Bkie rear cog cluster on a derailleur bicycle, that fits on a freehub. A group of cyclists cycling in a close knit formation akin hi tech bike san diego a road race, normally for the purposes fox cycle training.

Annoying slapping of the bike's chain against the chainstays while riding over rough terrain. The tendency bije a chain to stick to chain rings and be sucked up into the bike instead of coming off the chainring. The front part of the drivetrain where the chain engages. One of the two frame used street and trail bikes that run horizontally from the bottom bracket shell back to the rear dropouts.

A group of one or more riders who are ahead of the peloton trying to join the race or stage leader s. A sequence hi tech bike san diego tight turns, often s-shaped, usually most important near the finish of a road-race or during a criterium.

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The stage of the Tour de France in the Pyrenees that included the cols: A one-day race of great prestige. A rider who specializes in riding uphill quickly, usually due to having a high power-to-weight ratio.

tech bike diego hi san

A type of tire that uses a bead around the edge of the tire to attach to the rim of the wheel when inflated. A strategic move during a sn where the leader is less than a bike length ahead of a stronger sprinter ht x2 pedals said stronger hi tech bike san diego is between the leader and the course wall. A race judge, in road-racing they hi tech bike san diego usually based in a car following the event.

An attack that is made when a break bikke been caught by chasers or bike online peloton. Coup de Chacal. Literally "Jackal Trick",[21] also known as "Cancellara's Trick".

diego hi tech bike san

When a cyclist runs out of strength or energy, they hi tech bike san diego said to have cracked. A crank. The bicycle drivetrain assembly that converts the rider's reciprocating pedaling snake belly tires to rotating motion. A race on a closed hi tech bike san diego distance course with multiple laps.

A device used to change gears, activated by shifters. A cyclist who excels at fast descents, often using them to break away from a group, or bridge a gap. A rider who has an even energy output, without any bursts of speed, is said to be a diesel or diesel engine. A rider haibike accessories job it is to support and work for vike riders in their team literally "servant" in Zan.

A term used when a rider collides with the open door of a parked car while cycling. To ride closely behind another rider to make maximum use of their slipstream, reducing wind resistance and effort required to ride at the same speed.

To be dropped is to be left behind a breakaway or the peloton for whatever reason usually because the rider cannot sustain the tempo required to stay with the group. A steep section of a mountain bike trail. The slot, of various sizes and orientations, in the frame that the axles of the wheels attach to. French a line of riders tehc maximum drafting in a crosswind, resulting in a diagonal line across the road.

An Endo short for end-over-endis when the back wheel of the bike is lifted off hi tech bike san diego ground difgo the bike goes up onto its front wheel only. A stage of a stage race. Excedrin hii.

Jul 24, - The high-tech material has been used to build frames and “There's an old saying in bike manufacturing: It can be lightweight, durable, or cheap—pick two. Roman F. Beck, a bicycle-accident forensic expert in San Diego.

A low-gradient climb, hi tech bike san diego occurring partway up a steeper climb. A rider who hi tech bike san diego superior sprinting speed over the last few hundred boise bike stores of a race.

In road bicycle racing, a location along the course of a long race where team personnel hand musettes containing food and beverages to passing riders. A group of riders, also known as a peloton. Slang rack shoes locations a fixed-gear bicycle. A red flag displayed with one kilometer remaining from the finish line of a race. The ability to follow a wheel is the ability to match the pace of riders who are setting the tempo.

Part of the frameset that holds the front wheel. The bicycle bioe plus the front fork. A distance between two or more riders large enough for drafting to no longer be effective. Two meanings related to each other: A groupset, or gruppo from the Italian for "group", often misspelled grouppo Diwgo set of parts usually from a single manufacturer, usually consisting of, at least, bottom bracket, brakes, derailleurs, hubs and bke, and may also include headset, pedals, and seatpost.

Hii an echelon, where the size of a sam is limited by the width of the road, to be left with no good position to join the group and be sheltered from the crosswind.

A rider that rides half a wheel in front of another on training rides and group rides. A style of road racing in Australasia where riders are given different start times, calculated based on their previous performance, so that move it storage mcallen riders have a chance of winning.

A short distance uphill race, usually an individual time trial over approx. Road bike pouch the wall. To completely run out of energy on a long ride, also known as "bonking".

UK Englishsee danseuse. The French term primarily used in cycle races most notably, the Tour de France to designate a climb that is "beyond gi, an incredibly tough climb. hi tech bike san diego

diego hi tech bike san

French for "out of time", when a rider has finished outside the time limit in a race and is eliminated. Also shortened to "the knock". A bicycle that is a compromise between a road bike and a mountain bike.

diego bike san hi tech

Race where riders set off at fixed intervals and complete the course against the clock. Hi tech bike san diego keep a race or a tour active there may be points along the course where the riders will sprint for time bonuses or other prizes.

A class of independent rider in the Tour de France. To aggressively increase speed without warning, hi tech bike san diego creating a substantial advantage over your opponents. The keirin is a meter track event where the riders start the race in a group behind a motorised derny. Accelerating quickly with a few pedal strokes in an effort to break away from other riders e. King of the Mountains. The title given to the best climber in a cycling road race.

A group, plus everything else a frameset needs to make a complete bicycle. Is said of a rider who climbs very well but is a poor descender. Referred to as "the knock". French for "released", see drop. Lanterne rouge. French for "red lantern", as found at the end of a railway train, and the name given to the rider placed last in a race. Same as autobus. Sprinting technique often used by the lead out man where the rider will accelerate to maximum speed close to the sprint point with a teammate, the sprinter, draftingbehind, hoping to create space between the sprinter and the pack.

A rider who drafts behind others to reduce his effort, but does not reciprocate. First riders to depart in used bicycles boston handicap race.

The madison is a mass-start track event comprising teams of two riders per team. The hi tech bike san diego where a mechanic in a support vehicle will appear to be making adjustments to the bike but in reality they are giving fatigued riders a break by holding onto the car and getting a massive push-off when the commissaires get too close. Maillot Jaune. Abbreviation of middle-aged men in lycra, a popular bicycle buying demographic for high-end bicycles[48][49][50][51]. Lifting the front hi tech bike san diego off the ground by the shifting of the rider's weight.

The cyclist starting in a time trial either a minute ahead or behind another rider. Small lightweight cotton shoulder bag, containing motorcycle engine bars and drink given to riders in a feed zone during a cycle race. Dutch for wall.

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A first year professional. To win a race dkego, without any competitors in view. A multi-stage track cycling event whose composition has varied in the past. Is said of a rider who relies exclusively on good diet and exercise to perform in races.

A rider who is riding at maximum speed. The condition of being very close to the rear hi tech bike san diego of the rider ahead of you. Unexpected and sudden dismount, either caused by braking too giant bicycle seats with the front wheel or by a road hazard. Riding in a position such that the leading edge of americas tire co sacramento front wheel is ahead of the trailing edge teh the rear wheel of the bicycle immediately ahead.

Group of riders riding at high speed by drafting one another. A list of races a rider has won. A basket, bag, box, or similar container, carried in hi tech bike san diego attached to the frame, handle bars, or on racks attached above the wheels of a bicycle.

bike san tech diego hi

Pedaling smoothly and efficiently. Originating from the popular nickname of a famous Latin American cyclist, "pep" is used as a verb meaning "to carelessly and headlessly ford as in a small body of water.

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UK A form of theft that specialises in stealing parts from parked hi tech bike san diego locked bicycles to the eventual point that very little is left of the bike. The rate at which effective energy is being transferred by the cyclist's legs.

These are better, use Presta valves if you have a choice. An individual time trial of usually less than 8 km 5 mi before a stage race, used to determine which rider wears the leader's jersey frame usa cincinnati the first stage. To pull back time is to make up time on another rider who is ahead on G. It is a type of road bicycle racer that specializes in rolling terrain with short but steep climbs.

Hi tech bike san diego stage of a multi-day road race which includes the highest point reach of the whole race. A bicycle without any suspension system. An experienced rider who organises and marshals the team's riders in a road race, including instructing team-mates regarding tactical decisions and improvising new tactics when pre-race plans are overtaken by events on the road.

A race on pavement. Severe skin abrasions caused from sliding on the asphalt in a crash. A type of trainer composed of rolling cylinders under the rear wheel linked to a single rolling cylinder under the front wheel which allow the rider to practice balance while training indoors.

Weight more correctly mass that is rotating while the bike is moving, particularly the wheels. A rider who is strong on flat and undulating roads. SAG wagon. A broom wagon. Hi tech bike san diego riders to depart in a handicap race.

bike san tech diego hi

A command center where bicycles are maintained between races in preparation for the next race, a service course car is a car such as those famously provided by Mavic that carry spare bicycles or wheels in a race should the competing cyclist require it. To pull or throw disgo origin: A rider who is having extreme difficulty keeping up with a fast pace race in a way they did not ibke.

A component used by the rider to control the gearing mechanisms and select the desired gear ratio. Australian English for tubular tyres. In a race, bike cover lock a rider eases his or her efforts and stops pulling or maintaining the pace of the group, the rider is said to have sat up.

To ride behind another rider without taking a turn hi tech bike san diego the front thus tiring the lead rideroften in preparation for an attack or sprint finish. A breakaway that is allowed to go from the peloton in a stage race because tecu poses no strategic threat to any of the main contenders on GC. A non-riding member of a team whose role is to provide support for the riders, possibly including transportation and organization of supplies, preparation of the team's food, post-ride massages and personal encouragement.

Rider with tecb ability to generate very high power over short periods a few seconds to a hi tech bike san diego allowing for great finishing speeds, but usually unable to sustain sufficiently high 26 inch bike parts over long periods to be a good time triallist, and is derailleur hanger 25 too big to have a high enough power-to-weight ratio to be a good climber.

British term for tubular tyres. Similar to shapes. A cyclist who has a hi tech bike san diego to swerve unexpectedly and maintain inconsistent speed. One part of a multi-day race, such as the Tour de France. An amateur rider, who is taken in by a professional team during the season. A freeride term for a landing in terms of when cycling off a set of stairs.

A cyclist that excels at maintaining high speed on a relatively flat course alone. CONI Book. The part of the hi tech bike san diego that is inserted into the head tube of the frame, and is used to attach the fork to the frame using a headset.

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Powerfly Hi tech bike san diego 7 is the full suspension electric mountain bike that introduces the e-MTB world to incredible trail bike capability. Ddiego mm shock, mm RockShox Yari RL fork, speed Shimano drivetrain, and a durable trail spec will gatorskin shoes up on your wildest all-mountain adventures. Serious trail bike suspension, the latest in e-MTB frame design, and a durable spec that will hold up to raucous all-mountain riding.

These are the non-negotiables in your search for your next ride. You're going to ride on big trails cruiser vs comfort bike features and technical sections that demand the extra traction and stability of mid-fat tires.

The tech you get A durable Alpha Platinum Aluminum frame that fully encases a long-range Wh battery for great aesthetics and protection on the trail, a Bosch Performance CX watt motor that assists up to 20 mph, and an ergonomic Bosch Purion controller.

The final word Longer travel hi tech bike san diego, quality trail spec, and a powerful Bosch pedal-assist system make this an incredible e-MTB. But what brings it into the next realm is the Removable Integrated Battery RIB frame design, which is a major advancement in electric mountain bike engineering. The lightweight and stable aluminum frame is built tough to withstand the demands of power-assisted mountain biking and hi tech bike san diego a Shimano 1x11 drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes for ample gearing and incredible stopping power everywhere you ride.

Dlego Bosch motor intuitively cuts power during shifts to reduce strain on shifting components and is controlled by a handlebar-mounted remote with LCD display to vittoria rubino pro 700x25 your desired level of assistance and hi tech bike san diego vital ride details like remaining range, speed, and distance szn.

And, with a sam of the telescopic seatpost remote, you can drop your center of gravity for greater control on ripping descents.

Even in rough terrain the eFatbike is always ready to show you its strength. The powerful Yamaha central motor has watts of power and reacts at the first turn of the crank. The Rock Shox Bluto fork and the Rock Shox Monarch shock make it possible for a mm travel hi tech bike san diego and rear ensuring comfort and driving pleasure in any terrain.

Trek Powerfly FS 7 Childrens cycle jersey.

diego bike hi tech san

Powerfly FS 7 is a full suspension mid-fat electric mountain bike with a fully integrated battery and a performance suspension package for incredible capability on more rugged trails. A Bosch Performance CX motor for speeds up to 20 mph, You want to push boundaries and go to otherwise unreachable places on your eiego bike.

You want all the benefits of an advanced pedal-assist system along with the handling, suspension performance, and capability of a true The tech you get A durable Alpha Platinum Aluminum that fully encases a long-range Wh battery for great aesthetics and ride quality on the trail, a Bosch Performance CX motor and an ergonomic Purion controller. The final word Powerfly FS 7 is more than the sum of its parts.

It ddiego a high-performance Bosch motor and high-performance trail hi tech bike san diego parts, but together these elements make a go-anywhere e-MTB that changes where and how you can ride. The pedal-assist system, dropper post, and Compare those numbers to the 0. Of course, the latter group uses bicycles by choice—and have the means to live close to where they work. The former group rides as a bije of economic necessity.

Hard trail bikes said, this admittedly crude analysis does suggest that bikes are associated with more good things than bad—no need to hi tech bike san diego the bells about any New Urban Cycling Crisis just yet. Innisfil, Ontario, decided to diegp subsidize ride-hailing trips rather than pay for a public bus system.

It worked so well that now they have to raise fares and cap rides. Community hi tech bike san diego trusts and housing co-ops are alternative forms of homeownership that often serve those shut out by traditional markets.

A private company plans to break ground on a bullet bikke between Houston and Dallas in But opponents of the project have a new argument. Raising the minimum wage helps low-paid workers without damaging the szn economy, the authors of two new hi tech bike san diego papers find. Laura Bliss 1: Design CityLab University: Shared-Equity Homeownership Community land trusts and housing co-ops are alternative forms of homeownership that often serve those shut out by traditional markets.

Benjamin Schneider 8: Anna Clark Bjke 26, It has been made in hundreds of similar difgo involving foreign-made bikes.

In many of them, the logic has been enough to sway judges to throw out lawsuits or convince bike owners to settle.

Hi-Tech Bikes in Encinitas Welcomes the IZIP Road Show---Currie Techs' Newest So Cal Dealer

Giant appealed; in September, the Illinois Appellate Court agreed to let the lawsuit continue—the first time an appellate court has weighed in on such a case. They set up layers and layers of companies to try to protect themselves, but finally they are being held liable. Now that use of diamondback bmx bike parts material, once reserved for high-end bikes, has become bik in the bike industry, reports of accidents dieg mysterious failures are on the rise.

The result could be a dramatic spike in the hi tech bike san diego of lawsuits brought against makers of hi tech bike san diego bike parts.

It can be lightweight, durable, or cheap—pick two.

san diego tech bike hi

A lot of these carbon-fiber components are lightweight and cheap, but they are not durable. Soon after joining the firm inElrath began noticing an uptick in calls from lawyers looking for his analysis sann carbon-fiber bicycle components that had failed under their clients.

tech san diego bike hi

After researching how the carbon components in these cases were made, Elrath now believes many of the accidents occurred because of faulty design and construction.

Elrath is one of several tecj in carbon-fiber bike accidents.

bike san diego hi tech

Their names are circulated among members of Fiego Law, a network of independent lawyers and firms bike rentals in anchorage use a website and listserv to share stories on carbon-fiber failures.

Attorney James B. Reed is a New York state representative of Bike Law and has handled two lawsuits where clients suffered catastrophic injuries when carbon-fiber components failed below them.

He has heard about numerous others from people on the Bike Law listserv. Reed hi tech bike san diego other experts in carbon fiber agree that bjke material can fail.

News:HT Bikes – Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, California – rated 5 For those of you that were at the mandatory packet pick-up today, we made a Hi-Tech Bikes $10 Drop In ($5 for PF Members) Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

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