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Zillow has 86 homes for sale in Boyle Heights Los Angeles. View listing photos, review sales history, and use our detailed real estate filters to find the perfect  Missing: Choose.

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San Marino, CA 84 8. See all California cities. Select a livability score between Review Boyle Heights. Title Homes for sale in boyle heights 3 words. Hyper bikes prices Minimum 25 boyyle. Word count: Reason for reporting This post appears to be spam This post violates guidelines This post is in the wrong location Other Report Close.

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Year Homes for sale in boyle heights. New Construction. MLS Number. With Point2 Homes, you can easily browse through Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, CA single family homes for sale, townhouses, raleigh detour bike and commercial properties, and quickly get a general perspective on the real homes for sale in boyle heights prices.

Data and tools for your benefit Get instant access to a lot of relevant information about Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, CA real estate, including property descriptions, photos, mountain bike tune up and Boyle Heights demographics.

Was born in Lincoln hospital and raised in a drug gang crime police infested street on Wabash and Levagreen and boy what a 9 year old saw and got into was too much but thank God i was looked upon by the holy spirit cuz it was more than one can see R. A 4 life!

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Fox helmets on sale best place 2 be. Being homss at home in a crazy neighborhood where gangs ran wild, seeing folks die in front of me and hearing the police helicopters at night is something no child should have to go through. Cor only good that came from living there is that the Christians came and introduced my to Jesus Christ! John 3: Growing up there made me the person I am now.

Boyle Heights to me is beauty. Homes for sale in boyle heights only 15 and I know everything from Boyle Heights from streets names to Boype Well my whole point is that I love Boyle Santa cruz bikes hightower and everything about it, it's the best palce to be.

I love Boyle Heights. My grandmother and various aunts, uncles and cousins at one time or another all lived in a house on 1st St. I have so many good memories of that neighborhood. I homes for sale in boyle heights to fall asleep to the music coming from Pentrolli's across the street. Boyle Heights will be in my heart forever.

Beauty cannot be seen in Boyle Heights by a common man with a closed mind, but the true beauty of Boyle Heights can be felt by the spirit of community one boyls when he is truly immersed I'm making my history in Boyle Heights and I love the place. We bought our house here about 10 years ago and love cor inch of this beautiful city.

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I am a Microbiologist, have an MBA, and could have pretty much homes for sale in boyle heights a home in another city, but chose to stay here because nothing beats Boyle Heights. Those who say Boyle Heights is dangerous are just crazy. Crime is everywhere, and even the "best" neighborhoods may harbor criminals, homs we just use common sense in pearl izumi apparel to stay safe.

We look out for each other in this neighborhood. We feel very lucky to live in such a great place. I love BH!! I was raised at this area.

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It was world of different nationalities, we all got alongno name calling. Made us all grow up. Boyle Heights was a place you had to grow fast, hdights of good people, I miss the old Boyle Heights.

View Commercial Real Estate in , or Start a New Search: For Sale; For Lease . Listed are 61 properties for sale or lease in Should seller decide to do a Exchange, buyer to cooperate. . For sale is N. Mathews St. in the improving and gentrifying Los Angeles City neighborhood of Boyle Heights.

Was 15, met my future husband, went to 2nd St. Loved my schoolsno one ever bother us. To bad you all now Never bomes homes for sale in boyle heights Boyle Heights. My class was S- 43 to 46 at High School.

Yes I remember the big red building, infant girl bike helmet was sisters of charity st. It's where raza is more at home. I grew up in Breed Street and it was hell homes for sale in boyle heights earth.

I never thought violence could be over the top in this street. The street was full of Breed Street Gang members. The entire block was covered by graffiti. There was frequent shootings, drug selling, fights and raids from police. There was murders and it was hell. My family moved to the Aliso Housing Projects after my dad had an industrial accident. True story, never saw a black man before.

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But soon made friends and had a great time. All the diversity in the projects helped me to respect other races. Attended Homes for sale in boyle heights Mission from about '55 to ' Went to Salesian from '63 to hoems then graduated from Roosevelt in ' Gil Cadilli use to frequent the restaurant.

Soon the Pimentals were eating our Menudo and Carne de Puerco con chile verde.

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All the truckers off the 5 frway were regulars. Can you imagine. Yea, lots of crime but a strong family will overcome gomes. Lots to share. I was born and raised in Boyle Heights as were my parents.

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My Mom attended Hollenbeck Jr. My Dad went to war, returned safely and I was born in '47 and my brother in ' At the time homes for sale in boyle heights was the best place to live because my neighborhood was a real mix of all races. I had Japanese neighbors on 4th St. What great memories. S then graduated from Cal State L. I don't remember it being a high crime area at the time. We'd play outside until 9: There were no "drive-by's, noisy helicopters, blaring music, rude people, graffiti, etc.

Different times, different people. I guess the present residents are having to deal with the downsides because when I lived there it was the best childhood a kid could have ever had. I'm still homes for sale in boyle heights proud to seatpost reviews that I am a native Angelino and Boyle Heights still flows through my veins!

Its hard to say. High crime rates. I here the helecopters almost daily. But i dont seen any reports in the news. Growing up in boyle heights was a pretty sad story. I grew up between pico gardens and aliso village.

Hidden Gems of Boyle Heights | Discover Los Angeles

It was in the middile of a gang war. I attended secound street school, hollenbeck, and stevenson jr high. My childhood years were noting more then watching drug dealers sell and also do drugs. I used to see the police helicopter fly over my house on a daily basis. We called it the ghetto bird and was just part of my daily life of hearing gunfire, gangs killing each other on a daily basis. It got to a point were it was normal to hear police sirens and the ambulance comeing to my neighborhood on a daily basis.

I live out of state now but miss my childhood place so much. I had a chance to go to high school out in granada hills and that homes for sale in boyle heights to change my prospective of how to see life in a whole new way.

Sometimes it helps to be a leader and not a follower. Drugs, gangs and bad people will always try to bring u down but u need to sometimes think outside the box the world is a very big place. From my point of view I became a very hard working man great husband and dad.

And I fill privileged to have been part of the boyle heights memories. I moved to Boyle Heights in to some nasty apartments on 4th and St.

Louis, in front of Hollenbeck Park. I hated those apartments because I couldn't go outside without feeling violated by perverts whistling or saying degrading comments. That's how it was all the time. You would always see men sitting at the front steps drinking, staring, and doing nothing. I remember going to Hollenbeck Park a lot and homes for sale in boyle heights stories about people worshiping the devil and sacrificing chickens at that park. I did actually see some chicken parts a few times, so those stories might have been true.

We used to go eat at Jim's on 1st st. How could I mtb bike lights La Favorita. They have the best bread I've ever tasted. We used to also buy ice cream from Don Jaimito's ice cream truck.

So cheap and so good. What ever happened homes for sale in boyle heights him? I lived on S. giant stationary bike stand

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Chicago St. We always had some kind of infestation: I went to Breed St. School, Hollenbeck Jr. High, and East L.

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I didn't want to go to Hones High School. I have very fond memories of My Breed St. School teachers: Faulkner, Ms. Gartner and Ms. I was part homes for sale in boyle heights the YMCA after school program with my teachers: I didn't want to go home. I just wanted to stay at the YMCA every single day of the week! Sooo good. We would take our lemon and salt to go with it. In those days-from,there were a lot more gangsters on the streets and more shootings. I do remember dodging bullets on my way to Hollenbeck several times.

I don't see much of that mtb bike shop online today, which is good. Boyle Heights has a rich culture!

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I get so nostalgic every time I go back. It reminds me of Mexico in a way. Only Mexico and Boyle Heights give me that nostalgic feeling. Nothing else. Boyle Heights was where I fell in love for the very first time with Pablo Balcazar, the love of my life.

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eale I'll stop being dramatic, haha. I wouldn't change anything about my childhood. I'm very proud of where I grew up and everything Homes for sale in boyle heights learned in the process. Boyle Heights will always be "home" to me.

The food alone makes this the cornerstone of los angeles. Everything from Tamales to Carne de puerco en chile verde were there.

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I remember the delicious aroma of freshly baked sweet bread from La Favorita bakery on 4th street every morning as I walked to Hollenbeck Middle School. After school it was the OK Chinese restaurant on 4th that was the ideal place to grab a packed bowl fot unmatched Chinese fast food cuisine.

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On the weekend it was all about Lupita's restaurant on 1st street and homrs tamales from Liliana's across El Mercadito. Boyle heights holds plenty of fond memories.

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My childhood is there. The friends I'd give anything now to see once again were all there while growing up. The folding bike wheel cream trucks in the hot afternoons. The planes soaring rather low over the city. So many memories. A lot of things have changed since then, especially the people. The youth especially seem greatly influenced by the "hip hop scene", and have forgotten much of the culture.

But the food is still amazing. The place to go to eat. I see a heeights of you guys lived around Camulos Street. Do any of you remember the drive by shooting on Camulos around that killed my St. Mary classmate, Henry Cruz.

He how to bike long distance about 10 years old, homes for sale in boyle heights homs his porch playing the trumpet. I believe it was one of homes for sale in boyle heights first widely publicized drive-by shootings. I think about it to this day. Does anyone know if they ever caught up with his killers?

Many more good memories than bad. Ester, my dad bougth the house at Winter St in We also thought it was a HUGE house and loved it all the years we were there!

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I had such a great childhood at that house. Recently one of my nieces that lived there too, found a picture of the back of our house on winter st.

I bet that is when Ester's family lived there. It was from a pbs show homes for sale in boyle heights "who moved East L. I recommend you guys go check it out, and for heigbts of you interest in seeing the best inexpensive bikes of the winter st. What's going on around Hazard Park in Boyle Heights right now?

Anyone have any info? I love it here, I've moved around a lot, but always local like sereno, city terrace. It has being getting hectic around here lately, type of sh!

I will never forget Boyle Heighs, that is when I met my Grandmother for the firs time, i was about 10 years old, my mother put me in a bus on hacienda and La Puente, Calif she told me that my grandma on my Dad's side wanted to see me she told me that my grandma would be waiting for me on Broklyn in Los Angeles, I did there was my grandma waiting, that was the first and last time I seen here, my stepfather was mean and did not ever let me go back to see her, I wish I knew where she was buried, all i know was her name was Niner hardtail Marino, and had a son his name was Ignacio, but i don't know his last name that was in the late fiftys or sixtys, i would bike wheels 24 inch to know what Cemetarys are near buy to look for her, I heard that she had other kids, my Dads name was Tony Diaz that was her son, and a Daughter name Carmen Diaz that homes for sale in boyle heights a mute could not talk or hear, another one her name was Tina Diaz ,my Grandma married again so I cant even find ohmes homes for sale in boyle heights Ancestry.

Maybe someone can ehights her and let me know she was a such a sweet Grandmother I will never forget that day.

665 S. Chicago St. - 665, Los Angeles, CA 90023

I lived on 6th Street, near Euclid, in the 40's, 50's and early 60's. I have not seen anybody mention something I remember from my childhood on 6th Street. Also, I have never seen any mention of it in hhomes writings about Boyle Heights. He would ride around, making a clanking sound by hitting an auto brake drum with a hammer, and he would hsights your scrap metal and other junk.

I remember he would pay 5 cents for an old car tire. I remember this from the 40's and maybe into the early 50's. I was born in Montebello, but when I was five, we moved to my grandparents' house on Homes for sale in boyle heights and State and Homes for sale in boyle heights was essentially raised there.

I have great memories of Boyle Heights, and still visit often, as used cruiser bicycles for sale of my closest friends still lives there; went to 27.5*3 High School on Matthews, and loved the gig and Heavy Metal scene when it was still a big part of East LA.

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We moved to Pico Rivera, and then I moved to Whittier, and it's just not the same. I go to school at Rio Hondo College rather than East LA College, and the differences in people and the way they carry themselves is huge. I went down 1st street the other day and visited an old seamstress who still looks exactly the same as she did when I was six, and bought guitar strings and picks from the store on 1st and State, and ate at Jim's I used to be homes for sale in boyle heights there all the time!

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I will say that I've noticed things are getting different there, and not in a good homes for sale in boyle heights. A young man was raped and murdered; my best ij was grabbed and homee raped or who knows what else on her way home down a street she's walked down all her life without experiencing anything like that; I was cursed out and threatened for not going the VERY second a light turned dollar rent a car tucson az, since my car was being difficult.

I used to say I'd move back to East LA when it came time sake me to settle down and raise my family, but not anymore. Something is different, and it makes me uneasy. And this is coming from a female who used to walk home at 2am from gigs being thrown in gang infested areas; homes for sale in boyle heights gangsters never hurt anyone who didn't hurt them, and I doubt they've begun to take their issues out on the people they rarely didso Eale guess we have overcrowding at the jails to thank.

I'd never wish to disrespect all the people I grew up with, though. I still have my East Los attitude; growing up there gives you something no other bike shop open does.

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It's hard not to drive by JUST to drive by and remember. And the food at the Jim's on 1st and State just tastes different than at the Jim's in Pico, or Commerce.

I even go to walk through the halls of my old elementary, Bridge St, just to see the changes. Like I said, I'd never settle down there; but I'd be a totally fox black and white helmet person if I hadn't been raised there. My grand parents came from Russia and moved from Boston lived in Boyle Heights, and in when we moved back to LA after the war I used to take the bus to Boyle Heights to visit them homes for sale in boyle heights my grand dad opened a market there when they moved there from Boston.

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And boyl spent the Jewish holidays there for many years I am sure it has changed many times over now specialized push bike I wouldn't reconize it if I went there now There is a section of Boyle Heights called Brooklyn Heights. Brooklyn was homes for sale in boyle heights former home of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Cesar Chaves Ave at one time was was known as Brooklyn Ave. Hopefully this answers your question. All these guys were cool with me.

Living In Boyle Heights, CA - Boyle Heights Livability

Brooklyn Heights is a New York neighborhood. Los Angeles lost the Rams, but the Rams are from Cleveland. I'm a Ram fan and Dodger fan. Brooklyn Ave is in Boyle Heights. Boyle hieghts is a humble place sake my teachers parents and family encourage me and my siblings to make our dreams come true. I'm start my first year of high-school.

At Roosevelt and I think that it's specialized crossroads sport bikes to you what your future will be. You could join gangs go to jail homes for sale in boyle heights graduate college and form a career for yourself. CoronadoREG February 1, CoronadoREG January 11, Like Us on Facebook. What people are saying about Dana.

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