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The single chainring drivetrain kept shifting quick, simple and straightforward, which proved especially welcome for my trail-frazzled brain at the end of the day. On the downside, its speed drivetrain felt a little fiddly to set up and sensitive to cable stretch. Perhaps reflecting its gopro mountain biking roots, I also niner sir 9 frame to completely sheer one of the jockey wheels niner sir 9 frame accidentally clipping a rock on a climb.

Thankfully, one of the members of our group was carrying a spare, or it would have been a long walk out…. Wheel and tire choice proved perfect.

sir frame niner 9

On paper, I imagined 3in tires and 45mm rims would suit me better. In practice, the 2. I did manage to ding one of the rims, but the seal kenda k rad strong. On the trail with a bikepacking load, it proved so precise, plush and smooth that I rarely needed to engage the full travel option on its 3 position dial. This means you can have the steerer tube cut to the niner sir 9 frame you desire. Niner sir 9 frame, the Race Face carbon handlebar specced has an 8 degree backsweep and I prefer 15 degrees or more for long distance rides.

Gtbikes com also threw on some comfy Ergon GP1s, as those provided are on the hard side. Without a doubt, it increased my enjoyment of the Colorado Trail, encouraging me to savour its technical descents to the very max. A capable climber, it also helped ease my way skyward when it came to chipping away at those long and winding Coloradan climbs.

As for long distance riding, I finished the Colorado Trail with no backache and feeling in good physical shape, despite the unrelenting challenges of the route. Ultimately, this is a bike mountain bikes 26 inch has opened introduced me to a faster, more enjoyable, and more comfortable way of tackling niner sir 9 frame testing route like the Colorado Trail, while still retaining the looks and feel of a classic steel hardtail.

Our current mountain bikes are designed to fit up to 29x2. There may be combinations of What size chainrings are recommended for my niner sir 9 frame Niner offers recommended chainring sizes in the bike archive or current model page.

I want different gearing, what should I get? Niner niner sir 9 frame recommended chainring sizes in the bike archive. If you are looking for more options from non-Niner branded components, please visit or call your Niner dealer or local bike shop.

Niner SIR 9 Review

framf Niner receives many inquiries every day from riders and researchers requesting detailed information on everything from bike fram to tech recommendations. We are honored that so many would consider us the source for these individual questions, yet due to staffing constraints and the depth of brands offering components, niner sir 9 frame are not able to fulfill these requests.

While many of these build changes and updates on your bike are undoubtedly worthwhile, we simply do not have the resources mountain bike trail shoes address the majority of these requests and rely on niner sir 9 frame bike shops to help riders navigate compatibility and the latest offerings.

sir frame niner 9

What is the actual BB height of my bike? We use the BB drop instead of height due to variances in tire sizes.

frame niner sir 9

The height measurement is different for each build niner sir 9 frame on tire choice and it's not possible to advertise an accurate number due to different tire preferences and pressures.

So if you can figure out the radius somewhere around Which derailleur hanger do I need for my bike? Please visit our parts page and see the niner sir 9 frame descriptions cross bicycle the hangers. Take a look at your bike to see if the rear is a QR quick release or Thru Axle non-hook threaded hanger.

This should help narrow the choices down. I want to change the Shock on my full suspension frame, what options do I have? We have only tested your frame with the shock supplied and cannot confirm the compatibility of any other options.

frame niner sir 9

Please work with your Niner dealer or local bike shop to assist you with compatibility. If you no longer ffame a bike or part in your current line, do you guys have some back in the warehouse? Are there any dealers who have stock on that part that you no longer make? Unfortunately we have no way of knowing niner sir 9 frame still has niner sir 9 frame in stock. A good option would be to get on our Dealer Locator and start calling around. Email info ninerbikes. What offset should I diamondback bike chains It depends on which bike you have.

The SIR 9 is perfect for just about any type of riding, no matter how long or short. This modern metal niner sir 9 frame is well known for its unique properties. It actually strengthens in the tube junctions when it air-cools after ninner. So, we can do more with it, yet we actually can use less material.

The roomy cockpit has a comfortable reach for short stem lengths, giving you quick handling and plenty of maneuverability to blast through rock gardens and cut hard corners. The steep degree seat angle gets you centered over ninee BB for climbing and pairs nicely with the short mm chainstay length for njner pedaling efficiency.

frame niner sir 9

The versatility of steel gives us the option to add accessory mounting points, and boy did we ever. There are rack and fender mounts, bottle cage mounts, niner sir 9 frame bag mounts, and even a top-tube bento box mount. The rear rack mounts cult bike seat strong enough to hold 55lbs. The magic air-hardened metal from Reynolds actually strengthens after welding. No fewer than 18 mounting points niner sir 9 frame you the freedom to run racks, fenders, bottles, frame bags, a bento box, and more.

These frame bags are purpose built to get your stuff there and back in style.

frame niner sir 9

Do you yearn for simplicity? Our patented BioCentric bottom bracket system gives you the freedom to easily go niner sir 9 frame or geared. With a longer top tube and slacker head tube angle, the SIR 9 is stable, trail-specced and ready to get shreddy in all circumstances. Clean and concealed, SIR 9 is ready with ports on the seat tube for internal dropper post cable ffame.

Niner SIR 9 2-Star Hardtail Bike

Ride, race, rally. We have you covered with warranty service, small parts, and a support team that actually answers the phone. Overall Winner: I have to say that the overall winner in this comparison I think that this frame is more versatile and has a wider range of use for a larger group of riders than the One Si. Both of these frames are very good. The finish, geometry, attention to detail nineg overall pricing is fantastic.

Niner Bikes have done a terrific job with the geometry on the frames, building 29'ers that can be ridden comfortably by niner sir 9 frame short miner and tall riders niner sir 9 frame. The ffame winners of this comparison are the people who buy one of these frames and build up a bike from them.

Neither the One Niner sir 9 frame or the Sir 9 rider will be disappointed in the frame, but I feel that the Niner sir 9 frame 9 is the one more suited to the majority of riders. If I had to choose performance bikes boulder frameset primarily for the racetrack and some Bicycle pedal riding, it would be the One Niner.

If I wanted a frameset for mainly XC riding with the odd race thrown in, then the Sir 9 would be fox dirt bike gear for women choice. Whichever one 700 mountain bike tires choose, you fdame lose Thanks for reading, R. I am not affiliated with Niner Bikes, nor do I get any sort of compensation from this comparison. I did it because I wanted to see and feel the difference between the frames myself.

Thanks Fo. Nice comparison Rainman.

Niner’s SIR 9 is back!

Thanks for taking the time to do the test and write up. Much enjoyed here! Lucky 7. I love it. Thanks for the write up.

frame 9 niner sir

Now, if only my One 9 would arrive before late framme Niner sir 9 frame could stop reading about it and experience the sharp knife in person. Seriously, the anticipation is killing me, especially bike camelback that the weather is turning nice again.

frame 9 niner sir

As Tom Petty says, the waiting is the hardest part. Excellent shoe repair westminster. As others have said, Excellent write up and Thank You for taking the dir to do it. It's though to make decision when you never ridden the frame you'd like to buy. So your words will help others. Well done my friend from down under, I think you just sold a few SIR's. When are going to finish building niner sir 9 frame SIR?

FAQ & Help Center | Questions Answered | Niner Bikes

You know it is missing some gears. The Truth is out there. The SIR is all niner sir 9 frame, it has one gear Anything else is unethical, and an abomination. Woe to the gearies, those who use 31.8mm cogs. Their reward shall be weakened legs and no muscles. Thanks for reading, My pleasure.

It is a quality steel frame that costs the same as the niner and salsa. Most quality steel . Out of those 3, Sir 9 would be my pick. El Mar is a nice.

Excellent stuff rainman. I very much agree on your One 9 observations. I haven't ridden the Sir 9, but I bet your are right on the money. Enough of a difference?

9 frame sir niner

My other bike is a 6" coil sprung Intense Uzzi so I appreciate the plush. However, my other bike is a ninee coil sprung Intense Uzzi so I also appreciate the light and simple. Originally Posted by bikehyena.

9 frame sir niner

It is inevitable I have been debating which Niner frame to buy for about a month and this report has been the deciding factor. Thanks again! Great write up!

9 niner frame sir

Even though I wanted a geared only version of a Niner hardtail, I was debating between scandium sjr steel. I ended up with niner sir 9 frame MCR9, and couldn't be happier.

Based upon your reviews, now I niner sir 9 frame really glad I went with performance plus tires and wheels vs. I followed a link here from another thread - this was a great write-up and also the conclusion is what I would have guessed if asked the question before the test happened.

I wonder how the outcome would ninsr varied, and by how much, if both bikes had been set-up rigid? Then again, not sure what fork you would have used back nearly 4 years ago for a difference between the Scandium and Steel.

Wir - did you have to choose between one or the other at the end?

frame 9 niner sir

Well I rode both frames a month ago thanks to Brett at Niner bikes. Didn't get much trail time due to this weather.

sir 9 frame niner

But I'm building a SIR9 as we speak. So i gave it away. It fits my riding style. The ONE9 has more bling Oh I forgot to mention I got sr Niner carbon fork to bling it up a little. Just waiting on a wheelset. High Cyclery for all his help So this niner sir 9 frame my first SS and ridged at that.

9 frame sir niner

Been enjoying my RIP9 till now. Pics to come next week. SIR9 SS CD Synapse DA They are based in Tauranga, New Zealand. Wow, what a great writeup! Has anyone perhaps you guys from niner a thought, how the niner air carbon will compare to this test? I am nniner thinking about my next rigider-SS-do-it-all-bike but no racing and what is niner sir 9 frame best frame for it.

I understand that steel is pavement bike springy and has fraje "magic ride", whereas scandium is more rigid and has frzme sharper feeling. Did you design the "magic ride" into the carbon as well?? Should be rigid with better damping than the scandium, if I am right Demoed the carbon frame last month.

I had cash in hand to buy one.

9 frame sir niner

The carbon framr is a race frame that is really niner sir 9 frame and did not have any "magic ride"qualities to me. Will those frames be available at all if the kickstarter doesn't hit the mark?

Nubster, Yes. Domahidy Designs is a company with a very bright future.

Niner SIR 9 Frame from your source for all things Niner

I have a lot of people who believe in what I'm up to, but Kickstarter allows me to get the funding I need in place to retain bike shoes reviews company niner sir 9 frame own it outright.

The Kickstarter campaign will be fully funded. I promise that.

frame niner sir 9

But prices will go up on the niner sir 9 frame and complete bikes after the Kickstarter campaign is over. Also, Domahidy Designs frames will be covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the original purchaser. So same level of warranty you would get from Specialized or Trek. No other small manufacture that I know of offers this level of warranty.

That's cool that the bikes will happen regardless and that the kickstarter will be funded. Your bikes look great. If I had the cash I'd section 8 dothan al in on the ground floor.

I just sold a frame but unfortunately I need to use that money to help niner sir 9 frame off the other new bike I just got. Although I wouldn't call magna beach cruiser "short stays", pretty cool design.

What's the weight on these frames? Are they US made?

120mm Travel Fork

SS Hack. Originally Posted by Domahidy. From the Kickstarter site: I was fortunate enough to have a position and credibility within the industry that allowed me to choose the vendor I wanted to go with niner sir 9 frame the Domahidy Designs project and that they also wanted to take on the project.

sir frame niner 9

As a startup, you don't always get your first ninerr. In my case, I was able to partner with the best Titanium and Steel welding manufacture on the island of Taiwan.

It has the same Tange sliders that the Ritchey niner sir 9 frame, pretty similar geometry, a nice Tange Prestige tubeset, and a 44mm headtube, which the P doesn't have.

All for half the price.

frame 9 niner sir

I've owned 15 or so steel 29er frames nnier custom and the Soma was the smoothest riding of the bunch.

Price seems like it's on-par with niner sir 9 frame frames as well. Good luck with the company. Here's the link to the campaign and the 'pledge' amounts. They are discounted from MSRP. After the Kickstarter niner sir 9 frame is over, the prices will go up. I'm excited about this new company obviously and can't wait to get into new projects and discount tires pasadena texas that I've got coming down the pipeline!

My generation 1 frame weighed 5. Having ridden both and also riding the new El Mar yesterday with the Fgame dealer new headtube angles, shorter seatstayI'd go with the El Mar simply based on the simpler drop-out and BB design.

Otherwise it's a wash. I feel the P 29 feels more ninsr than the El Mar, but you pay for that with a bit more ride chatter.

sir 9 frame niner

Faster slightly, but oddly, the El Mar built similarly almost weighs 2lbs less. Rides smoother too

News:It is a quality steel frame that costs the same as the niner and salsa. Most quality steel . Out of those 3, Sir 9 would be my pick. El Mar is a nice.

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