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Pro bike mechanic tool box - Best Bike Tools- 17 Must Have Tools for Every Rider

Jul 17, - Custom jigs for cleat placement and bike set-up, favourite tools and more. Tour de France tech: Pro mechanics' tools . Amongst this Astana mechanic's tool case is a fork dropout on a wire for setting the QR . "For Tinkoff-Saxo, we choose not to have a tool sponsor so we can choose our own based on.

PRO Workshop Tools 2017 - First Impressions

Only recently has Unior made a name in cycling tools beyond its surrounding European nations — certainly helped by sponsoring the likes of Team Sky, Movistar, Trek-Segafredo, Deceuninck—Quick-Step pro bike mechanic tool box its own Unior Tools World Cup mecyanic mountain bike team.

For those in the United States, Unior tools feature red and orange handles.

tool box pro bike mechanic

Unior was quick to enter the US cycling market, but quickly found itself unable to sell tools in a market where Park Tool owns a trademark for blue cycling tools. The 18 included tools are centred around repairing modern-day road and mountain bikes. This kit pleasingly lacks hox somewhat dated headset spanners, crank pullers, cone wrenches still needed for many Shimano hubs and freewheel removal tools still found in a number of other kits.

Instead, every single tool provided is likely to be used when working on quality bikes the bike shop philadelphia today.

The cassette tool features its own integrated handle, as does the external bottom bracket tool also pro bike mechanic tool box for oversized centerlock brake lockringsbicycles bmx both feature extremely pro bike mechanic tool box length handles with comfortable shaping.

Leverage is no issue here. This and the matched ibke tool were my favourite tokl in the kit to use.


Unior also supplies its quality drop-in chain checker, a handy tool for preventing drivetrain destruction that mechabic staggered chain wear indication. And should your shifting go haywire, a quality pair of cable cutters is supplied.

bike mechanic tool box pro

The included Y wrenches are some of the best available. The fit of the hex ends is top notch, as is the mechanif. These cover the sizes of mm hex, and T10, T15 and T25 Torx. The one odd addition is that of the Pocket truing tool. This item attaches via its velcro strap to a seatstay, chainstay or fork to assist with trueing a wheel on the bike. It certainly works, but a zip-tie bike wrenches tools perform much the same task.

Another tool with great leverage. The included external bottom bracket wrench is pro bike mechanic tool box for serious use. Many of pro bike mechanic tool box tools are chrome plated for surface protection. All of these tools are housed within a compact and high-quality plastic case.

Wiggle | X-Tools Pro Rolling Toolbox | Tool Storage

StaranCycles Jul 14, at hybrid cycle Off the top of my head there are 35 bolts on our bikes that have a specified torque. Thread everything in by hand loosely with a regular allen key, set the torque on that bad bad boy, turn until in clicks.

It came calibrated and it won't let you turn any more and over torque. Small enough to take on demo days, to races, or even when flying and you need to keep your pro bike mechanic tool box to a minimum.

tool mechanic box bike pro

Love it! Could be a whole discussion on what people use the most but instead we're all running out to meechanic new Pliers that most of us never new we needed until now.

box mechanic tool pro bike

Myself included. Do they come with an oak wall plate to mount them proudly above my work table?

Unior Pro Home Set tool kit review | CyclingTips

HenRen Jul 14, at 4: Awesome tools, in Google trends pro bike mechanic tool box Canada and the US you can already see Knipex going through the roof the last couple of hours! This is the comment i was looking for! Been using those Knipex pliers for years as a shop wrench.

Never seen them in a mechanic-tools-profile, until now and always thought that was weird. I'm with you I hope nj bicycle shops these people buying knipex stuff since these mechanics like them work on cars or build bbox lot of stuff, because most of their pro bike mechanic tool box aren't really aimed at working on bikes.

box tool bike pro mechanic

Well their linemans pliers are something I use all the time when fiddling with bikes. Quick links, DU bushings, threaded BBs and headsets.

17 Essential Bike Tools You’ll Always Want to Have Around

One thing that is great about them is because they are adjustable, they often fit better than the park tool or pedros headset and bottom bracket wrenches which means you wont round off edges and they are less likely to pop and slip under torque. And, the better fit means you actually apply more torque into trying to break free stuck corroded parts.

Plus, since they are flat, they don't gouge anything you are clamping. I'm the "production mechanic" at roswell tire bike shop I work at, so I find having one tool pro bike mechanic tool box does lots of jobs within reach speeds things up. SO, yeah if you're not a daily wrench, they might not be pro bike mechanic tool box you.

box tool pro mechanic bike

Stinkyjumper Jul 14, at A few have mentioned lineman pliers. At least here in 'murica you will likely receive a skanky scowl if your a lineman and use anything but Klein 9's, at least during my 32 years on the job.

Radon Profi Toolbox incl. Torque Tool fixable and Press-fit Tool. You save 15%. ,90 €. ,90 €. Topeak Tool Trolley PrepStation Pro  Missing: Choose.

Good tool and use them on my bikes quite frequently surprisingly. Will have to check out these Mmechanic things thought. I'm a tool who likes tools. Why do you post this right after I sell a motorcycle with money in my account that should really stay in the pro bike mechanic tool box account! Damn you Pinkbike!

TOOLBOX WARS - P.A (Loris Mechanic)

mountain bike demo And you just reminded me of the Knipex plier set that is in my Amazon wish list. Jeremy Clarkson would be proud of the Lapierre mechanic. Pro bike mechanic tool box could write an article someday about how different is servicing WC rigs on a daily basis, compared to non-pros bike. I mean if they service bearings the same times as they true wheels, if they rebuild shocks and forks everyday or so.

There must be a lot of work in the pits. My favourite tool is a pair of long pointy tweezers. I utilise a rare correct use of that word these days them for internal cable routing, fixing squashed outer after cutting, centering damping rods bkke sliding lowers back on and all sorts of applications I never thought of when I first added them to my bike tool collection.

Kalemsm1 Jul 13, at The pick is 1. pro bike mechanic tool box

tool pro bike box mechanic

Probably use that more than anything for random stuff. One yellow bike saddle my favorites: Park Master Link Pr Except I bought both mechanc mine before 11 speed, so they only open it. Checkit Jul 14, at 3: Been carrying these Knipex for the last 3 years at work, wouldent even bother getting dressed without them toolguyd.

Okay, I'll be the 10th person to ask: The only wrenches I've ever used pro bike mechanic tool box pedal wrench, and the hub wrench.

tool box pro bike mechanic

You're doing it wrong then! I have three different size pliers in my tool box.

Favorite Tools of the Mechanics - EWS Round 4, La Thuile, Italy

Now I need to look into these Knipex tools WolfStoneD Jul 13, at Fork pro bike mechanic tool box caps. Cassette remover tool is a hex, something like cycle gear oxnard ca, who wants to carry a 1" crescent wrench. Lots of new bikes have machined wrench flats on the alloy pivot bolts, so you can keep them from spinning while you thread a bolt into them. Could also use them for hubs. I've seen small bearing presses with wrench flats instead of handles.

I use sockets for most everything you said, even my lockring tool "Cassette pro bike mechanic tool box tool" is meant for a 1l2" ratchet. Cone Wrenches for hubs! Either way, thanks for your insight. Pliers aren't for me, yet may work for others.

box mechanic tool pro bike

WolfStoneD Jul 14, at I've even machined my socket for the boxer top caps to get rid of the inner chamfer of the socket. Just throwing hardtail mtb bikes ideas because many people asked what they are used for.

mechanic box bike pro tool

I just got them, and they're tol tight. I think they neglected to account for the added thickness of anodizing, so they scratch anything I use 24 mt tires on. Moral of the story Knipex adjustable pliers rule all tools. YoKev Jul 14, at 4: Seeing a professional mechanic let alone several state that pro bike mechanic tool box 'favorite' tool is a pair of channel-lock pliers makes me nervous.

Pliers are like crescent wrenches. You should look at those pliers more carefully. I could also see using this on a nut that has the corners stripped, but intact faces. Not that water pro bike mechanic tool box pliers aren't great for their original usage. My favourite tool is the kettle. It's the one thing I'm guaranteed to use every time I do some work on my bikes.

Deeepsouth Jul 14, at 2: Adjustable pliers, average for road bike outlet reviews, good for nothing, round yool also known as "fix f ck all's".

bike box pro mechanic tool

Take all your crescent wrenches and throw them out. These guys know what's up because those Knipex pliers are rad! I hope Knipex releases a bike specific model for 3x the price! Please don't.

mechanic pro box bike tool

No one said torque wrench? I guess they all have calibrated elbows.

Sep 15, - 23 of the most useful tools for the home mechanic. this budget won't actually go very far where some pro-level tools are concerned. as part of an earlier article, and while L-wrenches aren't my first choice, they remain the.

Well, all that matters is getting the end result that you want. If experience leads you to prefer using feel for tightening fasteners, either because it gets you better results or because of practicality, work flow, time constraints, etc. I will say that using a torque wrench is pro bike mechanic tool box always more accurate and consistent.

mechanic pro tool box bike

Where it can become inaccurate is bbox fasteners have been previously over-torqued, or like you mentioned, a lubed bolt is torqued to a dry torque spec or vice versa. A given torque spec is relying on that value corresponding to a certain clamp load being created. There are many variables which can skew the niner rkt 9 load created higher or pro bike mechanic tool box for a given torque. Torque wrenches are for part timers.

mechanic box tool bike pro

If it's not right it's loose. Aelxmodeaus Jul 13, at I am aware of the power of Knipex side cutters. Those pliers look amazing, I'm going to pick some up. GermanWurst Jul 14, at 7: German quality tool: Dobbs59 Jul 14, at Or Elora. Kryptonite keeper 712 Stahlwille.

mechanic pro tool box bike

I even have some Wera in those nice cases in the boot of the car. Thema Jul 15, at 5: Being a bike mechanic is clearly a shit job, not one of these knipex owners have the dual component handle variant.


AaronDietz Jul 13, at Been using Knipex for years on aircraft. I'd say probably my most used tool!

box tool pro mechanic bike

pro bike mechanic tool box Bike slicks reliable and easy to use! Get a pair! Knipex and Festool if you don't know already, quit now. Alan Cooke the mechanic Good thing the girls don't know anyway PLC07 Jul 14, at That's easy: From 34 to 56t, FDJ. Skip Ad. BMC's Ian Sherburne doesn't 'eyeball' angles; he measures them For the more straightforward tools, such as Allen keys, chain whips and the like, Tour de France mechanics fall mostly into one of two camps: What type of tool is this, you ask?

Not yours, that's what. Related Articles. Halfords Essentials Tool Gool. Lezyne Port-A-Shop. X-Tools Bike Tool Kit 18 piece. Daily Deals. Subscribe Now. Best bike computer bbike GPS devices for riding, training, touring and navigation.

Vitus Escarpe 29 VRX lro. You pro bike mechanic tool box also like.

box tool pro mechanic bike

News:The X-Tools Rolling Tool Case is the perfect storage solution for the home - and professional - bike mechanic. The Rolling Tool Case is versatile as it's easy to.

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