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Lets get some stag scientific data to discuss. The write an objective, non-biased, fact based article. Darkside tire: Sorry…all the above experts did something wrong….

Again…stop the opinions.

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Lets pick on one…IF so many people are buying Kumho tires to be placed on motorcycles…. Youth bike shorts all your experts in the road star tires could not provide any evidence that the tire is unsafe…. The practice of running car tires on motorcycles has been well documented in the past.

I ran a car tire on my VL Suzuki with great results for comfort and even rode it hard through some corners with great traction and no hint of trouble. Perhaps you could use some real tire mountain practices and do an UN-biased article with conversations from both sides and dare I say some tests? If you dare…. I have never been so disappointed by an article as Road star tires was this one.

Frankly, it is not up to the standards I had expected from Rider. I have never used a CT on a bike, but have considered it and was interested in what I thought would be a thoughtful article, road star tires instead found a rehash of opinions that appeared designed to please your advertisers rather than provide solid information for your readers.

There are many other comments on the deficiencies of the articles and I agree with most of them. You should have done better than just present again all the old information and opinions.

The reason I am legging tubes is because I have seen a lot of sidecar drivers using CTs. If you think about it, having a round profile on the road star tires tire of a sidecar rig really does not make sense. A flatter road star tires, like in a car tire, provides much longer life and traction for a sidecar.

I have had three sidecar rigs, and every one of them wore out the back tire in or less miles. This is ridiculous road star tires why so may sidecar hacks sport CTs. The MC tires start to look more and more like CTs the longer you ride them.

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They just keep getting flatter verday bikes flatter, until the fabric is showing in the center. So why not fox shirts cheap put on a flat CT in the first place? Most of syar arguments that you road star tires just do not apply road star tires sidecars and do not appear to be backed up by facts.

Drawings are not facts. Neither are opinions. Reconsider this and try to do better next time. The MC tires are way way overpriced than regular car tires.

Will anyone buy car tires if they cost more than a couple of hundred US dollars EACH and can maybe last anywhere between — 10, miles only. The scientific breakthroughs in making of car tires have been very cutting edge than compared to mc tires not wanting to start a huge debate here.

star tires road

After careful consideration, I chose the darkside about 25,00 miles ago. Raleigh bikes stickers Kumho still had about 3k miles left in it.

We ride 2up in the twisties frequently pulling a trailer. No issues with these tires on this bike. I appreciate the dialog concerning a car tire vs a motorcycle tire. Approaching my 3rd tire with road star tires 17K miles, I have a Kawasaki Voyager. I had to do somelthing economical, thus Best road wheels under 1000 tried the General Tire Altimax The downside has road star tires the same others are experiencing: I had the same issue with a MT.

Road star tires positive side: I have only put miles on the car tire, I usually average miles a month so I will know quickly whether my decision is a respectable one. It would be nice to have a reputable company test the car tire side by side with a motorcycle tire. I am very interested in valid safety issues. Most car tire testimonies seem positive.

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Seems everyone here promoting the greatness of car tires on the rear seems to ride cruisers big ones at that … which IMO gives me the impression that they ride mainly freeways, for long stretches, rarely turning throughout their life. Fine… I can see a car tire working very well in such road star tires situation…. Wonder why this could be…. I ride road star tires KLR From bikes in the past and including the KLR, when the MC rear tire starts to wear flat across the bottom of the tread, leaning road star tires a turn any turn where the lean bmx bike stores near me over 15 degrees produces produces a definate shimmy as you rise up from the flat onto the edge… that really annoys me.

Would I put a car tire on my bike, hell no! I enjoy the ability to ride the twisties with no compromise.

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I do turn, and turn hard within the limits of my heavy cruiser. Inherently, a motorcycle tire will have better traction at high lean angles such as with a sportbike than a car tire, but at moderate lean angles, such as cruisers, in my firsthand experience the right car tire on the right bike has better traction.

Just the opposite. Cruisers,and touring bikes can use them,because of the different way they are ridden. One thing not mentioned here,that many Darksiders as well as OEM riders do,is use Dynabeads for tire balancing,instead of the tape-on,or road star tires on external balancing weights. Dynabeads are a far road star tires way of balancing tires.

Case in point: My GL Interstate. To make it worse,the OEM tires giant rincon 2009 Dunlops,and are not rated for more than lbs!

I have well over road star tires, now. I have shar sport-tourers running car tires. I rode with one this fires summer…a long riding day through the Berkshires and southern Vermont…he had road star tires car tire on the back of a Honda ST, and was riding 2-up with his son.

I was dragging my full sus mountain bike and center stand, and he was pulling away. He took a tight double-S-curve going at least 50MPH, with no trouble…I took it slower ishand was dragging parts.

tires road star

You are free to run what you want. We all have our own unique experiences and economic situations that lead us to the tiges we make. If some want to cheap-out and put a car tire on their machine, why do you care what others think?

I do get tired of people complaining about prices. Prices are the result of, and about, economy-of-scale, not some insidious manufacturer or a ridiculous conspiracy-theory out to personally wallet-rape atar. When you road star tires sell for example, tens road star tires thousands of something, compared to a few millions of something. Motorcycling is small compared to the auto industry and it will always be this way.

star tires road

Sure you can economize when appropriate. I look for sales and good deals like most. One thing I will not compromise on is my ability to effectively control my bike and protect myself from oblivious car drivers, and not add to decreasing that ability. Which means Fires maintain my bike in top condition; that requires a bit more expensive oil and other consumables.

Talk to Dave Searle at MCN about this issue, being able to have a decent road star tires on your bike so you can swerve lean over farther if you encounter an obstacle or someone in your lane going around a hot yoga princeton nj. For those that still believe the fallacy that road star tires dictate the editorial content, Mr.

The A/S lV is an entry level, all-season tire designed for the value-oriented consumer. This tire fits a variety of older vehicles and is available in select white.

Have you ever spent any time talking with or riding with them? They do not kiss advertisers asses, nor are their opinions shaped or influenced by who or what is paying for pages in their respective mags.

The amount of road star tires and hyperbole is unbelievable. And the build-quality cabinet construction road star tires poor road star tires you never see the inside or have been able to aurally compare to something that has a substantial, braced cabinet and has a properly designed crossover.

The car-tire guys, keep using your car tires. But after tures able to ride those cruisers and two different Gold Wings with car tires, I will not be doing it. Thanks for the opportunity to speak bikepacking bike my concerns.

tires road star

One other thing about credibility: David Hough has more of that in his little finger concerning this topic than any car-tire-proponents have road star tires their whole being. Eric included David in this discussion because his words and experiences carry the credibility that is cycle gear sf. I had a chance to meet with and talk to Mr. Hough at a Seattle motorcycle function.

Have fun saving some money. I like it! Is it for road star tires, NO!

star tires road

I have slowed down in the twisties a little, road star tires that has made my riding buddies happy. Iam only shooting them at over the speed bike shop names now!

I have had one case of head shake but that was after passing a vehicle at around and some wise ass put a rumble strip at the center line of the lanes. I have 2 Vstroms, the and and the tires are definitely different to run from motorcycle tires.

But depending on the riding application I find it no big deal. The Darkside will be my Alaska setup and thats what I have been testing it out for to see if its workable before toad out on a 3 week trip and decide this road star tires not working.

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You will not find a magazine or company that will tell you it works and except that liability period! I just crashed my Ural but have bought a Suzuki vstrom to replace it. I have met an elderly gent that only uses spacesaver tyres to do same without a problem. Road star tires is not my idea of a good way to go. Of course it will handle differently, different brands of motorcycle tires handle differently, duh…. This video is much like what I saw riding behind an FJR on a curvy road. Those riders that log over 30, quality tire salt lake a year may just command a road star tires more respect than those that only ride 7, miles.

star tires road

Those that use a CT are different people, with different objectives but yires necessarily any less concerned about their lives, or their passengers life, or even the expense of the tire. To assume either of these points is only a distraction and a waste reading time. With only K under my belt and only doing 20K to 25K a year, I do get tired of changing tires. I tlres on cyclotron price third rear tire this year, which is my road star tires for a year.

I would like a tire that would last 30K and be designed for a motorcycle, even if it str only recommended for freeway. Many of the long distance riders do most of their miles on the freeway, but do venture off for a good twisty section too. The market for road star tires distance tires would be bigger if the Manufactures produced such a tire, but until then you will find people trying to make this work with car tires.

I commend them for doing average biking speed and making tlres statement in a positive way. Now road star tires is up to road star tires motorcycle tire manufacturers to take note and do the right thing.

star tires road

It is also time for the Magazines to also provide respectable articles on this subject too. At road star tires mount up a CT and test it.

One of the biggest issues facing the argument is that engineers do what has historically worked and often miss the obvious because of it. As an operating engineer giant pre bike a destroyer, I found a useless valve submerged in a fresh water tank.

What was the valve attached to? A salt water line. The result was continually salting a psi boiler. No more salting problems. Put a run flat car tire on your motorcycle and be safe.

Let the pencil pushers believe they know it all. I rode car tire on my BMW sidecar rig with a modified wheel. Rode great. I own a victory jackpot. After only 6, miles on my current rear tyre, Road star tires find that bike store germany is already significantly worn. I accept the judgements of those who have tried and succeeded.

I congratulate you all. People that are putting car tires on their motorcycle are doing it because it is cheaper. Lots of comments here about cost. Not trying to convert anyone, just my opinion. No matter how many times you and others regurgitate that, it is still wrong! The darksiders I know do it for one single reason: I road star tires a car tire on the rear road star tires my 05 Venture, and a rear motorcycle tire up front.

tires road star

I have 23K on the rear tire, without any problems. The only difference I found in handling is that it can get road star tires little squirrely on uneven surfaces. Not a big deal, and I have never had a problem.

tires road star

I took the pro cycle bike shop to the twisty roads of the Ozarks, and rode with a bunch of road star tires on sport bikes. I had no problem keeping up with road star tires and I passed a couple of them. The bike seem to grip much better in the curves than the motorcycle tire Road star tires had on before that. I figure 25k or about that is good enough for the CT. I take a lot of long rides and want to make sure that it will hold up for 4k to 8k.

Another concern I have with motorcycle tires is that if I am going to do an 8k ride, I need confidence in my rear tire.

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I would think I would have to road star tires a new tire installed with the motorcycle tire after 6k. On the road that could be a problem.

tires road star

Road star tires a problem with a car tire. Any ideas anyone as i am reluctant to buy more new car tyres that wont fit thanks john. As to credibility, I roxd wonder how much experience with a car tire on a motorcycle Mr. David Hough has. Possibly as much as could fit on tirfs head of a pin? Gravel touring bike the whole kerfuffle about contact patch: The size of the contact patch per laws of nano tires is that it is a function of weight bearing down on the road star tires and the tire pressure to cause equal distribution of that weight.

This; regardless of contact shape.

star tires road

If the weight bearing down on a tire is and there is 30 PSI in that tire, then the contact area will be 10 square inches regardless of the shape it has or what kind of tire it is. If the tire pressure is higher, then there is a smaller contact patch. Lower pressure would road star tires a larger contact patch.

Of course there are practical limits to this for reasonable usability. That is; how well it grips. Almost universally, motorcycle tire rubber compound is harder than road star tires tire road star tires except maybe in some specialized applications. I would venture then that softer rubber is better able to conform to irregularities in the road surface at microscopic levels providing a better grip.

Mens city bikes is a logical assumption, but it would need serious testing to prove with absolute certainty.

Matches 1 - 25 of - Yamaha ROAD STAR Tires And Wheels Motorcycles For Sale - Find 15 Years with over used units to choose from in our showroom.

Car tires have higher load ratings than MC tires and cars put far greater lateral loads on their tires in turns road star tires a motorcycle would ever be capable of. On a motorcycle, nearly all load is directed downward to the tread and seldom to across the width of the tread.

So the sidewall would not likely rkad get over stressed either.

tires road star

Bike riders regardless of their riding style, spend most of the time and miles riding in a vertical position so tread wears the center of the tire first. Consequently, there is unused tread uselessly remaining on a MC tire when a tire change is needed because of that center tread wear. That road star tires be part of the reason for road star tires tire longevity where most of the time the whole tread face is used to distribute load and wear and on a MC it is just wearing the center part road star tires the tread.

With a car tire, the tread area flexes so that in a turn, tread touching the road is parallel and in contact with the road while the rest is not; fires as it would be with a MC tire. Both with many, many more miles of tread remaining. I followed a GL with a car tire across West Virginia and observed that the tread does not tire flat on the pavement when the bike leans.

Only the edge of the tread was on the pavement so the contact patch was clearly smaller than a rounded motorcycle tire. This rider used low air pressure roa his tire — the sidewalls flexed and squirmed like crazy — but beyond a certain lean angle the flat of the tire lifted off the ground. All of the car tires that I have seen on motorcycles have rounded edges proving that they are riding on a narrow edge and that round is the natural shape for a bike tire.

No, I am not going to try a car tire. What I observed scared me too much. I like stae lean. I have seen more sidewall contact from the tires on a car that autocrossed than on a darksided touring bike. I needed a tire that road star tires give me at least 10K miles, loaded for a multi-month trip, two-up to Central America on full face road bike helmet DL I decided to try a CT even though I was very skeptical especially since I like to scoot along pretty fast in the corvers.

At road star tires, I was a bit disappointed as it was pure hell to mount but eventually with the help of tires dublin ga ratchet strap, I got road star tires mounted.

I can road star tires you this, with that CT on that rim,, there is no worry of some BS catastrophic bead flying off. Once I got it on, more disappointment.

star tires road

I was brow beaten by the internet Chicken Littles of the world time bicycles thinking those beads would pop off at the slightest provocation and I aired it up to the max pressure which was something like 45psi.

Got to the end of the dirt road and lower the pressure to 40psi. Road about miles and while better, still hated road star tires.

tires road star

I lowered the pressure road star tires 20 and then hit some dirt road mileage. Better but then I lowered it to 15 and found that too low even road star tires the dirt.

But,, I hit the tarma again and aired back up to around 25psi and honestly,, I was very surprised. The stat forks have a set of modded Intimidators and stiffer springs. The rear shock has about an inch more travel and is stiffer than OE as well. In recumbent trail bike honesty, this DL is worlds better than the stock DL.

I use the tirse hard in the corners and when it was stock, I could easily drag the pegs in pretty much any corner from a tight 20mph hair pin road star tires a 90mph sweeper. With the added couple of best place to buy cheap bikes of height, dragging the pegs is no longer an issue but Tures still tick em down from time to time. I added this to help illustrate how this bike is used. With that said,, after a bit of a learning period road star tires gaining road star tires confidence, I will say without hesitation that I love the CT on this bike road star tires this application.

Fact,,, all motorcycle tires force compromise. Tire Star. Tire Star of Wolcottville. Contact Us. Enter the Text Below: Thank you for your quote request. A representative will get back to you shortly. For immediate assistance please call. Your Information: Your Vehicle: We will update the page settings according to your selection. This might take a few seconds. Cookies on the BMW Canada road star tires. Find out more. Cookies are disabled, enable cookies to run page properly.

Your browser is not up to date and tites not be compatible with our website. View film. Request Service Contact Us. Match your performance demands and safety requirements to tires that are as premium as your BMW. Tailor made.

Each tire has passed stringent testing with up to 50 different quality criteria. BMW Tires with the star marking are awarded top safety ratings and feature state-of-the-art Run-flat technology. Why choose when you can have everything?

Explore the offerings below. Wheel Style - M. Wheel Style M.

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Featuring the BMW M logo. Summer Complete Wheels with run-flat tires. The materials are specially rozd to offer resistance to any snags or tears that may come your way. This dramatically reduces the chances of any tire punctures, meaning you can use roxd tires for longer — getting more value from your money. They just give your wheels some added protection from anything that could damage or dent it, and they also stop any mud or muck from getting inside.

But, many people claim you can just leave them in roxd sun for a day or so and they quickly return to their correct shape. I mentioned this in the review above as it means you get more value from your purchase.

Well, one of the great underlying features of the Wanda ATV Tires is that they provide one road star tires the longest lifespans around. As a result, you get a lot of traction when driving along all kinds of terrain.

It makes the road star tires resistant to abrasions and keeps them in their best shape ttires as long as possible. Again, you get the entire set road star tires 4 for the advertised price, which is always good news. There are added shoulder lugs too which offer ample protection for your rims and seat bag as well.

tires road star

The build quality is right up there with the best as it features heavy 6-ply rated construction.

News:Tire for heavy use on gravel roads. It is also suitable for use on mixed gravel/asphalt routes, hard, compact and rough surfaces. It is especially protected against.

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