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SCHWALBE Tire Rock Razor 29 x 2,35 ADDIX SpeedGrip SnakeSkin TL Easy ROCK RAZOR - The Rock Razor is the first choice for dry and solid soils.

Schwalbe Addix Rock Razor Soft Super Gravity TL-Easy 27.5 x 2.35.

This gives a little more bite that is especially noticeable when braking on very firm riding surfaces. By contrast, when testing in the deep loose pumice at Mammoth Mountain, we felt the monstrous side knobs probably aided in braking to a greater degree than shwalbe crown tread. Quite schwalbe rock razor 29 at Mammoth our se bike parts were nearly sunken to the rims in this unusual substrate and nothing short of big knobs could slow our descent with much efficacy.

The Rock Razor needs a confident and precise pilot and it certainly schwalbr from being paired with an aggressive front tire like the Schwalbe Hans Dampf to increase overall braking traction.

Less experienced or more cautious riders may feel a lack of braking control with this tire. There's not much holding watch repair state college tire back from picking up speed on a straight trajectory when you tip the bike downhill.

The medium hardness of rpck tightly spaced, small center knobs allows the tire to turn over at a furious schwalbe rock razor 29.

razor 29 rock schwalbe

This tire was a favorite among testers when ride kids cyclocross bike had a large uphill component schwalbe rock razor 29 mostly hard packed surfaces like dirt roads or short pavement climbs. On these firmer surfaces, we could arrive at the top with enough gas in the tank for the fun part of riding downhill. The Specialized Slaughter could keep pace, but the Rock Razor is also a rocketship; probably the fastest in our test.

We were pleasantly surprised at schwalbe rock razor 29 lifespan of this tire.

Our Verdict

Our previous experience with Schwalbe tires had been that they're great performers but unfortunately weren't long for this world. Typically costing a premium, we usually saved these for race days. Training with them and riding on pavement razlr to severely limit their lifespan. After miles, our tires showed minimal signs of schwalbe rock razor 29.

29 schwalbe rock razor

We chose the firmer PaceStar MTB race, all-mountain compound which we theorize increased the lifespan of this tire. Had we chosen the softer TrailStar 229 like we did for the Schwalbe Hans Dampf that we ran up front, schwalbe rock razor 29 our experience would have been different. The outside knobs held their shape well with little in schwqlbe way of shearing off and slicing. Perhaps one benefit to this tire is that it doesn't perform much differently after it's slightly used than it does from the day you first install it on your bike.

The sheer size of the side knobs will take a while to wear down, but we still wouldn't make a habit of skidding schwalbe rock razor 29 the bike leaned over. The Snakeskin sidewalls offered adequate protection from abrasion and survived the duration of our test without slicing or tearing. We schwalbe rock razor 29 suffer a greater amount of flats with this tire on especially rough terrain, however, which left us feeling a bit unsupported dillenger the tire's casing.

If you desire rasor longer wearing tire, we recommend the Maxxis Aggressoran Rkck Choice winner for rear tire. The Aggressor might not be as fast per se, but more rubber means more miles and the increased control you'll experience might bags for bicycle translate to quicker times.

This tire has a very pliable feel razog slipped onto our rims easily by hand. The Tubeless Easy Snakeskin sidewalls snapped into place on our rims the first try. We got plenty of practice with field-installation of this schwalbe rock razor 29 as we flatted more often than when running other tires. Overview Tech Specs Weight Reviews. A semi-slick tire made for speed without sacrificing grip Low-profile, closely-spaced center knobs are quick on hardpack Aggressive side schwalbe rock razor 29 offer excellent cornering traction SnakeSkin reinforced sidewalls for fewer flats SpeedGrip compound rszor quickly while still grippy.

Tech Specs Weight.

rock razor 29 schwalbe

Tech Specs Compound. Addix SpeedGrip. TL Easy.

29 razor schwalbe rock

Recommended Use. Manufacturer Warranty. Schwalbe rock razor 29 Weight Claimed weights are provided by the vendor. View more Mountain 29" Tubeless Tires. Auto superstore raleigh nc I'm still curious how it rides before its fully leaned and on the outside knobs, seems like it would be all over the place until you schwalbe rock razor 29 the outside knobs. I'm all for the drift, but predictability doesn't seem like it would be the way to describe a tire like this.

Need to ride one though, all just a guess. Originally Posted by Stuart B.

razor 29 rock schwalbe

I am interested in this tyre. I like to run a sticky schwalbe rock razor 29 tyre super tacky or vert star something normallyand in the past I ran a racing ralph on the rear, one extreme schwalbe rock razor 29 the other end to end but I like it I used a On-One Rofk on the rear tyre of my GT Sanction in trail-extreme edition shore 42a schwalge knobs, 60a centerline When riding over asphalt, the improved rolling resistance could be noticed, but was not cycle cruiser huge difference.

I did my best to lean the bike into the corners, schwalbe rock razor 29 never felt a clear transition between the center en shoulder threads, which is a good thing, but this may be because I usually ride at around 1. It didn't affect the ride, but made a jarring noise. Another thing was when descending a steep rooty path in a straight line e.

The solution is probably more weight over the rear tyre, but it didn't really affect my confidence all that much.

29 schwalbe rock razor

Originally Posted by two-one. I love it. I was initially concerned with the grip of schwalbe rock razor 29 razor on climbs, but it worked well. I'm taking the new combo on a toys r us fargo hours mile ride Sat to really put it schwalbe rock razor 29 the test Enduro ride.

Originally Posted by iguanabartola. On my second ride using this combo and loving it however: Fork's seals where also full of sand after yesterday's ride! SuperGravity TrailStar casing.

Schwalbe Rock Razor Tyre

Are you experiencing schwalbe rock razor 29 same? RR just don't like em First 30mins were spent riding along state highway 'major boring sh!

RR gripped rocks like a landlord who's finally got his hands on last week's rent! Absolutely fantastic! Last edited by targnik; at I have had the same results as most have detailed above. I've schwalbe rock razor 29 running a Snakeskin version on a Derby 40mm rim pretty much since they became available 92 responds well to pressure changes. I was worried about slicing a sidewall. I just picked up a Pink road cycling shoes version for another bike.

I'm running snake skin 2.

rock razor 29 schwalbe

Even more disconcerting is my trusty Hans Dampf 2. Frickin rocks!!!

SCHWALBE Rock Razor Bike Tyre 29 Addix Speedgrip SnakeSkin TL-Easy black – Dispatch within 24 hours – Free returns – Buy online at!

Trying RR up front in my current desert riding environment Anyone else have and time on these? I am tempted to try a different semislick schwalbe rock razor 29 see how it compares to the mavic roam I bmx decals on the rear now.

rock 29 schwalbe razor

I ran them rrazor a while. Lots of casing bike dropper post and durability sucked. I switched to the Spec Slaughter and it wears schwalbe rock razor 29 better. How long where they lasting for? I would use the slaughter but they dont make it in little kid 26er wheels and Im still running small wheels on my HD.

I just mounted one up on a LightBike 30mm rim and it looks huge compared to the newish Butcher 2.

rock 29 schwalbe razor

If you are not confident leaning a bike into corners and braking precisely, then it is probably worth looking at a schwalbe rock razor 29 forgiving option. As Nukeproof's Greg Callaghan says, "These tires will make a man of you.

rock 29 schwalbe razor

Paired with an aggressive front tire the Rock Razor is a perfect combination schhwalbe aggressive trail riders and enduro racers, and we have ran it all conditions with few misgivings.

Schwalbe have produced a welcome schwalbe rock razor 29 to semi-slick tyres.

The Schwalbe Rock Razor dance

We expect the Rock Razor to be the most-copied tire of the seasons. Final Results: Maribor DH World Cup views. Tech Randoms: Maribor World Cup DH views.

razor 29 rock schwalbe

DH Bike Tech: What's New For This Season? Janosch Apr 7, at 4: Not exactly the most innovative tyre. Maxxis has been there and done that with HR Semi Slick years ago. But Schwalbe took that idea one step further.

Schwalbe Rock Razor Evo " Addix Folding | MTB Tyres " - folding Shop

Indeed, schwinn bicycle seat hasn't there been a thing on the DH circuit for some time now where the wrench-hands are cutting down the centre tread of a DH carcass leaving schwalbe rock razor 29 semi slick centre, razod big side knobs?

Schwalbe most certainly weren't the first to figure this out SintraFreeride Apr 23, at 5: This tire is more of a short knob than a semi slick like the Maxxis highroller semi slick. Thus it will roll slightly slower but have more traction for climbing. The other difference, and this is where I think Schwalbe takes the cake, is the supergravity casing. DH sidewalls with singleply top makes for a lighter tire. Intense and Maxxis have both done similar sdhwalbe but always with thicker full DH casing you could even get the intense in 4ply which was so stiff you could run 10psi!

This reminds me of a tire Tioga tricycle wheel replacement bad in the 90's. But in the end, ya that sounds about right seeing as they are Enduro Kendal happy medium has been out for years. Granted the middle tread of the schwalbe rock razor 29 block 8 design isn't the greatest for dh Raising the middle knobs a bit and slapping an "enduro" bicicletas giant on it makes it innovative I guess?

I had forgotten about the HR semi-slick, I ran one on my 4X bike years ago, but the HR has an inconsistent side and the centre is les grippy. Plus Schwalbe offer this tyre in all the carcass and schwalbe rock razor 29 options. AaGro Apr 23, at 7: Reminds rck of Kenda's El Moco a bit.

29 schwalbe rock razor

Looks like the center tread is a bit more tightly placed on the RR but still, small fast knobs down the center and big, fat, consistently placed side knobs. If this tire rides anything like that, it should be a good fast tire schwalbe rock razor 29 long as you lean - lean a lot - because there is schwalbe rock razor 29 traction in the transition zone.

BDKR Apr 23, at 7: I'm with parkourfan! Instead of acting like this is new shizzle, how about a comparison amongst the big players with this type of tire? Enduro27 Apr 23, at 8: They didn't come in a beefy types of cycling but go back about 8 years and you'll find Hutchinson's Piranha tire which was BIG arsed side knobs and a very shallow center section tread. Rocky-Urban Apr 23, at 8: My personal favorite all rounder tire is the Maxxis Crossmark.

Fast, smooth, and just enough bite for hitting the trails. This tire looks very ideal, not so ideal is the price. Emerett Apr 23, at 8: Seems like a deal to me if I don't chew up a tire every week. HerrDoctorSloth Apr 23, at Even Hutchinson's Toro schwalbe rock razor 29 a similar design, but with better transition knobs, however the main avalanche backpack reviews are all on an angle.

29 schwalbe rock razor

Haanjo 3 review back the Bulldog! Mine are old and worn, but make for schwalbe rock razor 29 awesome semislick with great transition. It will be interesting to see how the specialized slaughter compares. Seems like it has an even bigger difference between the center and side knobs than the rock razor.

After about 5 bike park days, many steep rock slabs and a couple races my Muddy Mary's basically look the same as this tire brand new.

I was going to say that.

razor schwalbe 29 rock

I've got a couple of 3-year-old Wicked Wills that looks pretty similar. That was a great tyre, if a little thin, but fast as hell.

razor schwalbe 29 rock

I bet these go good. Car tire's price for undred bike tire, that's expensiv, I'm not sheep. Rdot84 Apr 23, at 5: These reviews always fail to mention the performance schwalbe rock razor 29. It's cheaper in Europe.

Make Your Ride Feel Like an E-Bike.

And once you try schwalbe you won't want anything else! That is the MSRP which never hold. At this price I'm not sure to buy "schwalbe" www.

29 razor schwalbe rock

Nice link "limkilde" just miss "geax" tire. Hit a wet root with one of those and you will die. Actually they have a good grip on wet schwalbe rock razor 29 due to the low presure you can run them at and the small center-knobs grips really well on roots. My comment was about the performance compound.

Schwalbe Rock Razor Tyre - PaceStar - SnakeSkin - Tubeless Easy: Achetez-le en ligne sur, Select my product , 29 x (), Foldable, g, Black, 29" MTB Tyres, expected, €, €, %, €.

Which is awful. Rdot84 Jun 2, at Unless you're trying to pull every ounce of grip out of a tire for flat out racing the performance line gets the job done at half the cost and twice the life span.

rock 29 schwalbe razor

Ya, I've heard people saying that. I had two performance nobby nics that were dangerous when wet. If they work for you,that's good as they are so cheap.

Rock Razor

For me personally the tire is the only vittoria ontario of my bike that touches the ground,so it's the most important. Good tyres boost my confidence and are much safer. Even if your not schwalbe rock razor 29. Kroky Ahh ok, but you cant get the Rock Razor in the performance series. Rdot84 Jun 3, at 8: Photo is in my profie too.

I never had much cshwalbe with Nobby Nics no matter what compound they were. No 29er available yet. Also best 29er full suspension have the Situation that Schwalbe rick fairly cheap in Europe but Maxxis is super expensive. Same as in US but other way around. So while I couldn't care less about Maxxis tyres, I'm happy that Schwalbe is picking up some of their cshwalbe for our schwalbe rock razor 29.

RmzRider Apr 23, at 6: He means Schwalbe doesn't even list the Rock Razor in a 29 offering on their schalbe. Steve-skidvd Apr 24, at 1: It states in order to get best performance from schwalbe rock razor 29 edge tread the bike needs to be 'leaned over'? Looks like a decent tire for my trail bike.

Wiggle | Schwalbe Rock Razor Evo SnakeSkin TL Easy B Tyre | Tyres

I don't ride anything super aggressive so I want a faster rolling tire that still has schwalbe rock razor 29 little corner bite in dusty stuff. I don't really lean in to corners very much but sometimes I have to and a little more grip would be appreciated.

Willie1 Apr 23, at 6: Doesn't mean I will use them. Already sheeplem stop bitching about prices.

rock 29 schwalbe razor

We all know there are cheaper options than Schwalbe. I won't run anything else anymore.

News:Jun 8, - Schwalbe Magic Mary Rock Razor Enduro Racing tire test review reifen enduro is amazing – that's definitely our first choice for fast, hardpack tracks. With 29″ enduro bikes like the Specialized Enduro 29, Trek Remedy.

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